Nature’s Hardest Pillows

They'd make terrible pillows.

A bunch of surly nine-banded armadillos.

Did you know that armadillos are (currently) in the same order of animals which includes sloths and anteaters? I kinda assumed they were rodents. Their limbs are strangely unrefined and their snouts are hilarious.

Pentel Original Quicker Clicker, Pentel Pocket Brush pen, a tattered Moleskine cahier, and a brand spanking new Staedtler plastic eraser.  Cleaned up in Photoshop CS5.1 /64-bit.

Old, dull crayons. Sharp new tools.

Please excuse the foot.I’m kinda in a funk.  The funk isn’t recent.  However, this octopus is.

Clouds and 3D[S] and Tablet Dreams

Heh heh. 3DS it until I can Cintiq it! Or something.

In other news, there was this cool homebrew app that was made for the DSLite called Colors! It turned your little NDS into a tiny tablet. The great thing about it was that it recorded pressure sensitivity, and instead of offset drawing, you coulld draw right on the screen. Recently, the company released a 3DS version – the cool thing about the new version is that it adds layers and an upload /gallery /share type function. But wait – the layers are honest to goodness layers – they represent different layers on different planes. Which means you can create 3D images! Cool, huh? Unfortunately, due to hardware limitations, no more pressure sensitivity in the 3DS version.

In other OTHER news, I can’t sleep (again) so I made a funny picture.


I just bought Colors! 3D - This is gonna be fun!  Now if only I had super vision to work with this tiny canvas...

Cloud Zzz


Oh, in other OTHER other news today – Animal Crossing New Leaf was released yesterday (or the day before).  I’d been drooling over it since Nintendo announced they were making a new Animal Crossing.  Well, after some discussion at the café about the game, G and I went to the store for some provisions.  Mostly armpiff, tooth hygiene and hair control provisions… lo and behold, as I’m contemplating antiperspirants and toothpastes, G comes over with a shady sack of just-bought-items.  He, in the most suave manner possible, pulls out a super cool strategy /game guide for New Leaf.  I start shaking like one as I realise there is more in the bag.

Prima game guide + game for Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Dōbutsu no Mori heaven!

I got a shiny new copy of the Prima game guide and of New Leaf!  I was so excited I was hyperventilating.  I’m too easy to excite.

An Orange-tinted Love Affair


In the past few months, I’ve recently developed a love for naranja. It started with one good [batch] of clementines. I went through a few cases /bags in the following months.

In the absence of clementines, G brought home a bag of navel oranges so that I could continue my adventures in naranja-stained everything. It was glorious.

My creative habits have declined dramatically over the past few years due to a variety of factors, both positive and negative. However, the itch to create has returned and with the help of convenient products like Sketchbook Mobile and this handy Galaxy S2, I just might edge my way back into silly drawings and funny beats again. It’s a start. Here’s to the future.

les éléphants

quick-chk-chk pen exercise

how many journals do i own?

red journal, marker bird

marker on paper

vector cake.

this took longer than i wanted it to.  i had some troubles with the pathfinder tools, getting merge and intersect to work right, etc… but this time the gradient mesh was much more forgiving.  getting there!

as always, click for full size image.

July 11, 2010

I'm working on it.

point, line and crosswords