Napkin Sketch

This evening I braved Westshore Mall in order to pick up tickets to the BT show in Orlando; as FYE is one of the few retail outlets available in this area, I went there to pick up the tickets I purchased online last night.  Gregory and I decided to try out the massage chairs, which offer three or fifteen minute treatments for a nominal fee.  I got the feeling that the machine was trying its hardest to tenderize my muscles in order to eat me at a later date.  Read: chair is creepier than a random stranger oiling you up and going to town on your muscles.

We took leave of the mall /carnivorous chairs and decided to get some coffee so we headed out to Hyde Park.  There is an Indigo Coffee situated in Hyde Park proper; as Gregory gave it good reviews for atmosphere and I had never been there before, we settled upon this particular cafe.  We ordered our drinks, headed back outside and set up at one of the tables next to the fountain.  I was armed with a fistful of pens and napkins in hand.

This is a quick study of the fountain area within Hyde Park, which was completed during our first jaunt to Indigo Coffee.

(Please excuse the poor photo quality as the image was captured via the G1 camera.)

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