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a small gathering of bunns


oh.  in addition to the jellies – and with some convincing – i created a profile and uploaded three tracks to bandcamp. these tracks are  some textural explorations, sampling, resampling, etc.  the idea was to create soundscapes to go along with abstract art or visuals.  the tracks are named blue, red and white and each have […]

vector jellies

vectorized version of some jellies i drew during class to take my mind off the terrible headache i was having.  vector jellies are followed by scan of original version. and… here are the original ink jellies.  i drew them with some microns and precise pen.  sorry for shortness.  tired.  little headachy.

Ghost Squid Our representation of the giant squid was conceived out of a need to see the animal for ourselves, beyond pale museum subjects or small renderings in books. At life size, the true scale of Architeuthis becomes clear, a massive, unfamiliar animal deserving of the same fascination and wonder owed to any whale, elephant […]

Image Manipulation

So I am currently enrolled in a course for image manipulation; basically this means “photoshop class.”  One of our projects was to recreate a classic painting using bits of images collected from the internet and other sources.  I recreated a Cézanne using separate images of apples, lemons, and other items.  Each piece was manipulated in […]

Napkin Sketch

This evening I braved Westshore Mall in order to pick up tickets to the BT show in Orlando; as FYE is one of the few retail outlets available in this area, I went there to pick up the tickets I purchased online last night.  Gregory and I decided to try out the massage chairs, which […]


I’m not very good at drawing robots.  But there was a time I was even worse at drawing robots than I am now. One day, many, many years ago, I went to The Globe in St. Petersburg with my friend Derek, and decided I would learn to draw robots if it killed me.  But only […]